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TimberSoy – Non-toxic Wood Stain

TimberSoy – Non-toxic Wood Stain


Wood stains and finishes can be some of the most toxic building materials we use.   I know when I was involved in my own home remodel, the wood stain and finish I was using on the window frames was giving me head and neck pains and  the smell lingered for months.   That was decades ago, I didn’t know any better and that brand continues to be the most popular wood and stain finish company around – it starts with an M – you know the one.   I just don’t understand why more folks aren’t exclusively using healthier products like TimberSoy.    Healthier for you and the environment!

If you are concerned about you and/or your families health, TimberSoy is an excellent choice.

TimberSoy is a non-toxic bio-based wood stain.  This penetrating semi-transparent does not form a topical film, it penetrates and bonds the color with the wood fibers.    Great for interior or exterior use on decks, wood floors, siding, wood furniture, fiber cement siding and more!

  • Available in 35 colors
  • Use in temperatures 45 – 95 degrees F
  • No noxious or lingering smells
  • Soap and water clean-up
  • High coverage – 400 – 600 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Infrared reflective pigments available for the ultimate exterior UV protection.
  • Maximum VOC – <10 g/l
  • Quick ‘return to service’
  • Can work in occupied spaces

Stop in and see the colors on wood.  2 oz. samples are available in any color for only $3 and it will cover 4-6 sq. ft.  We also offer non-toxic clear finishes if you like or need additional protection or wiping/cleaning capabilities – like shelving or cabinetry.


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