Purchasing from a Small Albuquerque Business Pays Off!

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Purchasing from a Small Albuquerque Business Pays Off!

Recently a customer reluctantly called asking about pricing on EcoTimber strand woven bamboo.  She knew it was rated #1 in Consumer Reports 2 years in a row.  She was not even going to bother calling as she had already contacted the larger outlets in Albuquerque offering EcoTimber and was discouraged by the high pricing.  When she heard my price she came in the next day, confirmed the product and pricing and placed the order!  Dianne recently sent this email with a beautiful photo and the following testimonial, encouraging me to “get the word out”.

“After extensive research, I discovered EcoTimber Bamboo Flooring was top rated by a consumer magazine. I went to several bigger stores thinking they would be less expensive. Boy was I wrong. SouthWest Green Building Center was not only one of the least expensive businesses to buy from, this business was a pleasure to work with. The EcoTimber flooring is absolutely gorgeous! It has transformed the whole room. I definitely plan to floor my entire house in this incredibly durable and beautiful flooring.”


See you again soon Cathy

Dianne Daniels


 My thanks to Dianne for the photo and taking the time to send me this wonderful note.  

Thanks in part to Dianne’s testimonial, our website is improved and now offers an online buying opportunity.   Most importantly, everyone can now see the pricing of our products on the site.   This will help us all and show that buying from a small local business is not more expensive!  In fact there are many reasons buying local and supporting small business makes sense – read more about that next blog.

Dianne's gorgeous EcoTimber solid strand woven bamboo floor

Cathy Kumar – Owner/Operator

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