Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses – demo one in Albuquerque!

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Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses – demo one in Albuquerque!

Organic Savvy Rest Mattresses for your health and comfort!

Southwest Green Building Center proudly offers Savvy Rest mattresses, pillows, sheets and toppers.  The mattresses are constructed to your comfort level with 100% organic latex covered in 100% certified organic cotton and wool.  You won’t find any synthetic latex in this mattress – only the best, only organic.

An organic, chemical free mattress can improve your life – especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma.  Savvy Rest is the best value in the mattress industry today.  The many benefits include:

  • The wool in the casing provides the fire resistance needed to meet mattress safety codes.  Conventional mattresses contain toxic chemical fire retardants.
  • Dust mites don’t really like living in or on wool – it’s naturally repellent.
  • The wool and cotton casing help control heat/cold and moisture.
  • You customize your firmness – even get different firmness levels on each side.
  • This mattress will outlast a conventional mattress by 2 or 3 times – less in our landfills and it saves you $$ in the long run.
  • Organic crib mattresses and pet beds also available

And the best part – this mattress is oh soooooooooo comfy!!!!!!!!!

Stop in and take a little nap on our showroom model – find your comfort level and enjoy sweet dreams for decades to come!

We offer free delivery to your home and very competitive pricing!

Find complete information on Savvy Rest mattresses and accessories at

See you soon!  Cathy

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