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Safe Clear Finishes & Sealers

Say goodbye to headaches and odors with Safe Clear Finishes & Sealers

The coatings industry is one of the most widely manufactured and universally used materials in the world that contribute to significant negatives impacts on human and environmental welfare.

Southwest Green Home Center proudly offers much safer coatings. Safer because they eliminate the toxic binders, driers and solvents contained in many wood finish products.  During and after using these water based polyurethanes and sealers, you won’t experience the toxic smell that can linger for months with oil based products.  In fact, some of the sealers are 100% effective at sealing in off-gassing of previously coated wood or furniture or anything constructed with pressboard, particleboard, OSB and plys that may off-gas formaldehyde and other chemicals.

Here at Southwest Green Home Center you will find a good selection of top quality clear finishes & sealers manufactured by AFM Safecoat, Eco Safety Products and Vermont Natural Coatings.

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Vermont Natural Coatings

Vermont Natural Coatings uses whey protein to eliminate the need for heavy metal drying agents, toxic co-binders and carcinogenic solvents typically found in wood finishes. Whey is a natural byproduct of cheese-making and the excess can end up on fields and in streams.  VNC strives to reuse as much of this byproduct as possible in this durable, safe coating. Love these win-win products.

• Long lasting protection
• Safe for people and pets
• Easy application and clean up
• Neutral odor and low VOC
• Quick drying

vnc     vncheirloom
Vermont Natural Coatings offers Floor, Furniture and Exterior finishes – the right finish for all your projects – floors, furniture, cabinets, toys, windows, doors & trim and exterior wood decks, garden beds & siding. Try their ‘Wipe-On Heirloom Finish’ for a quick and easy recoat.  I used it on my cabinets – so easy!  See all the products and information at

 AFM Safecoat

AFM Safecoat begin manufacturing safer finishes 30 years ago.  Not only does Safecoat offer finishes to get the job done right from the get go, they also offer sealers for previously coated surfaces or substrates known to have high formaldehyde off-gassing.
safeseal       acrylacq    hardseal 2

Choose HardSeal, SafeSeal or Acrylacq for either unfinished or previously coated particleboard, plyboards, and OSB.  This could include cabinet boxes, shelving, furniture, vinyl and plastics.

afmoilwaxafmpenetratingoil   polyuresealecolacq

Several options are available for your interior floors and woodwork.  Choose either Penetrating Oil or Oil Wax for a protective coating that is all natural and really shows off the wood grain without a shiny reflection.  For a surface that shines and cleans easy, choose Polyureseal BP (in either Satin or Semi-Gloss), Acrylacq (Satin or Gloss) or the new tintable Ecolacq.
mexeseal  penetrating waterstop     watershield
Looking for a finish to protect and beautify your concrete, stone, brick or other masonry?  Non-toxic finishes for these surfaces are also supplied by AFM Safecoat – WaterShield, Penetrating Waterstop andMexeseal.  For complete information and instructions, visit

 Eco Safety Products (EcoProcote)

Eco Safety Products also offers safe, affordable and durable finishes.  They use renewably sourced (bio-based) ingredients that replace and replicate the characteristics of petroleum solvents without compromising performance or cost.  These high performance coatings are sustainable and responsible alternatives. All three clear penetrating sealers & finishes can be used on both concrete, stone, brick and other masonry surfaces as well as on all woodwork.

acrisoy  AcriSoy is a durable penetrating non film forming sealer that will never flake or peel.  Maintenance recoats do not require stripping.  AcriSoy is a virtually odorless and breathable multi-surface sealer allowing vapors to escape, yet blocks out moisture from absorbing into the substrate.

ecoflorzEcoFlorZ is formulated with a very hard VOC free, 100% acrylic for a tougher finish, then fortified with a urethane dispersion for improved slip, water, chemical and abrasion properties.  This allows EcoFlorZ to be used on both interior and exterior surfaces with outstanding weathering and UV resistance.  EcoFlorz can be tinted for a semi-transparent color or to enhance an already stained surface.

ecotuff Eco-Tuff is the perfect balance of high quality 100% Acrylic emulsion and urethane dispersion with advanced bio-based technology that offers outstanding abrasion, chemical, water and weather resistance for interior or exterior projects.  An enhanced solvent free wax emulsion further improves scratch resistance.  Eco-Tuff requires a primer for best results – especially in high use or high water prone areas.

As you can now see, lots of options are available to protect and enhance your surfaces requiring a clear finish.  For complete information on Eco Safety Products, visit


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