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Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses

We proudly offer you the best in organic mattresses – Savvy Rest!

We want to be sure you get the exact mattress that is right for you and have demonstration models here in the store.  Find your perfect comfort.

Please call 505-821-6259 to discuss and order your mattress if you cannot visit the showroom.


Dunlop Organic Serenity – 10″ – three 3″ layers of Dunlop latex.
Crib – $549.00; Twin & Twin XL – $1999.00; Full – $2799.00; Queen – $3099.00; King – $3799.00; CA King – $3899.00

Talalay Organic Serenity – 10″ – three 3″ layers of Talalay latex. Twin & Twin XL – $2499.00; Full – $3599.00; Queen – $3999.00.00; King – $4699.00.00; CA King – $4799.00.00

Mattresses are also available in 2 layers, the Tranquility. Toppers of both latex and wool are available to turn your mattress into a “pillowtop”. You can also mix layers of Dunlop and Talalay latex layers in any mattress. As you can see, the combinations are endless. Again, please call to order so that we may help you create the mattress you need.

You’ll sleep in comfort on a Savvy Rest Organic Mattress–without worrying about breathing in whatever your mattress is breathing out.  The Savvy Rest natural latex mattresses will not expose you to off-gassing chemicals or pesticide residues.

Toxic chemicals are used widely in the mattress industry today, and their long-term effects are worrisome.  Scientists have particular concerns about their effect on the developing brains of children.  Organic mattresses are the best alternative.

All Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses are made of natural Dunlop or Talalay latex rubber, with durable casings of certified organic wool and certified organic cotton.  Natural latex rubber is supremely comfortable, supportive and pressure relieving.  This natural mattress will respond reliably to your weight and shape for many years.

The most popular Savvy Rest is made of 3″ layers of natural latex.  Combine up to four layers to create the support or cushioning your body needs.  You can choose very firm, very soft, or anything in between for your natural mattress, even on different sides.  Whether you need a super-soft top or extra-firm support—even both—your Savvy Rest natural mattress will be made just for you.

A natural latex mattress performs consistently for decades—natural mattresses made with these materials outlast two or even three conventional mattresses.  Savvy Rest products are backed by warranties and the best customer service in the business.


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