Niagara Kitchen Aerator – 1.5 GPM

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Niagara Kitchen Aerator – 1.5 GPM


The Niagara Dual-Setting Kitchen Aerator with Swivel is a real energy and water saver.  Aerated, splash-free stream adds force to cleaning.  Pull down for a wide spray.  This aerator restricts water flow to 1.5 gallons per minute.


Features and benefits:

• With a quick tug, user gets spray setting great for fruits and vegetables
• Water-saving and convenient
• Meets or exceeds ASME standards
• CSA and California Energy Commission certified
• 2.2 GPM at 80 PSI
• Extra-wide spray radius
• Up-and-down action to change spray settings: stream to spray
• Heavy-duty thermoplastic body
• Brass connector

Additional information

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