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Hemp Oil


16 oz.

Hemp Oil is squeezed from industrial hemp plants. It has a very light nutty aroma. Hemp Oil dries to a matte finish and will never produce a gloss or even much sheen.

Hemp Oil contains only natural VOC’s. Use on bare wood, over milk paint, chalk paint, and to revive old wood finishes. This naturally thin viscosity oil will penetrate well on porous surfaces. It can be thinned with Citrus Solvent if a thinner viscosity is required.

Safe for wood items in kitchens and countertops. Less durable and not as water resistant as Pure Tung Oil. Takes 7 to 10 days for a partial cure, 15 to 30 for a full cure.

Color of oil can range from a light green to golden yellow depending on weather conditions and time of harvest.

Hemp Oil is not reported to cause allergic reactions. However, sensitive individuals should do their own evaluation.



Hemp Oil in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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