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EcoFast HD Paint Stripper


EcoFast™ HD Paint Stripper is the latest breakthrough in solvent replacement cleaning technology used to safely strip multiple layers of paint, coatings and adhesives. EcoFast HD is an eco-friendly heavy duty paint stripper that is low odor, non-hazardous, non-flammable, and biodegradable, yet is formulated to replace hazardous solvents such as Methylene Chloride, Mineral Spirits, MEK, Naptha, Toluene, D’Limonene, etc.

Unlike other competitive products, EcoFast HD has a neutral pH to work safely on a broader range of substrates such as concrete, masonry, wood, metal and most plastics. EcoFast HD works faster by penetrating through the coating to delaminate or break the bond rather than dissolving the coating. This delamination process is not only safer to use on various substrate materials, it allows easier and more efficient residue cleaning which is imperative if applying a new coating system.

For thicker gel-like viscosity for vertical or uneven applications, choose EcoFast GEL.

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EcoFast HD Paint Stripper enables fast & effective removal of:

Water-Based Paints • Oil-Based Paints • Lead-Based Paint • Water-Based Concrete Stains
Water-Based Wood Stains • Oil-Based Wood Stains • W.B. Acrylic Sealers • Solvent-Based Sealers
1K & 2K Epoxies • 1K & 2K Polyurethanes • PolyUrea Coatings • Polyaspartic Coatings
Powder Coatings • Acrylic-Urethane Coatings • Mastics • Adhesives • Inks & Dyes

Will not affect alloys such as; steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium, and brass.

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