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Eco-Etch Pro is a water-based non-hazardous, non-corrosive, biodegradable concentrate concrete etch and cleaning solution. It is the ideal acid etch alternative. This advanced formula incorporates a custom blend of surfactants, organic minerals and derivatives of a plant based extract for the most effective concrete etching solution available. It does not contain phosphoric, hydrochloric or muriatic acid, yet works better, safer and faster. Eco-Etch Pro is the preferred eco-friendly and user friendly acid etching alternative for interior or exterior surface preparation applications.  It will not burn skin, corrode metals, or harm vegetation.

Clean and etch concrete, masonry, cinder block, brick, mortar joints and grout to properly prepare substrates for optimum penetration and adhesion of stains, paints, industrial coatings, and sealers. Eco-Etch Pro also removes dirt, clay, mortar deposits, rust and efflorescence.



A one step concrete etch and clean solution that brings back a new look surface. Highly recommended for use with SoyCrete Concrete Stain and Eco-Tuff Coatings for optimum porosity and desirable results.

Eco-Etch Pro begins to work immediately upon contact without toxic hazards or dangerous skin burns associated with traditional acid formulas. Eco-Etch Pro should be used in full strength or diluted up to 3:1 (makes up to 4 gallons) with water for lighter cleaning and etching requirements. One gallon will cover up to 250 square feet. Dwell time will vary from 1 to 15 minutes which is also affected by the dilution ratio, porosity, and temperature. Rinsing thoroughly with water neutralizes the etching action.

Eco-Etch Pro Features:

  • Plant Based
  • Biodegradable
  • Non Corrosive
  • Will Not Burn Skin
  • Will Not Harm Vegetation
  • No Toxic Vapors
  • Neutralizes Easily With Only Water
  • Great Paint & Coating Preparation For: Concrete Tilt-Up, Pre-Cast Concrete, Concrete Floors, Stucco, Masonry Block and more.
  • Or Use for Heavy Duty Cleaning to Remove: Efflorescence, Rust, Ground-in Dirt, and more.

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