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American Clay – Loma – 50 lb. bag


Loma™ is American Clay’s original Earth Plaster.  It is the most popular and is used as the basecoat for the other American Clay plasters.

Loma™, means “earth” in Spanish.  This finish creates a warm natural feeling in any room.  It is troweled onto the wall and then burnished or compressed after the second coat is applied and is in the drying stages.

Made with reclaimed marble, sand, and multiple clays.  One 50 pound bag of Loma, applied in a single coat, will cover 180-220 square feet.

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American Clay – Loma – has potential for a DIY application and it is highly recommended a class is taken on application from American Clay here in Albuquerque.  We feature American Clay on most of our walls – applied by Solamente Clay Walls.  Solamente also provides many colorpacks not offered by American Clay.  We can set you up with a complimentary quote for application in your home, restaurant or commercial building.

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