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AFM Safecoat WaterShield



WaterShield is an interior/exterior clear controlled penetrating water repelling sealer providing an invisible barrier against water.  Resists oils, grease and similar liquids as well.  In addition to sealing and protecting against water migration, it helps to harden, dust proof and control efflorescence in masonry surfaces.  It is not toxic, non-flammable, lead and formaldehyde free.



Use WaterShield on porous cementitious materials such as concrete, stucco, brick, block, terrazzo and unglazed tile.  Can also be used to add water repellency to exterior vertical wood siding when applied over Safecoat DuroStain.

One gallon of WaterShield covers about 250-300 square feet in one coat depending on method of application and porosity of the surface.  No thinning required.

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