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Organic Non-GMO Seeds

Organic Non-GMO Seeds – the pride of our new Gardening Section

I met Bob and Valley Seed Company a couple months ago at at the ‘Green and Healthy Living Expo’ and as we chatted, the thought to offer organic and non-GMO seeds within Southwest Green Home Center made sense for both of us.  It compliments our line of healthy home products and provides a venue for Bob to sell more seeds.   Since we are both independent entrepeneurs – well, we just went ahead and did it!

As you can see in the photo, hundreds of seed types are available.  Vegetables, flowers and herbs are packaged by Bob and retail for an average of $3 per pack.  Some of these seeds are 3rd generation South Valley seeds – how cool is that.  All the seeds are meant to be grown in our climate and have a high germination rate.

In addition to a great seed collection, we are also offering gardening tools and gadgets.   Several devices to test your soil’s PH, acidity and nitrogen will assure your soil is right for what you want to grow.  There are pruners, weeders, garden shovels, scissors,  moisture meters and much more – even a ‘pot maker’ helping you to make plantable pots from old newspapers.  Don’t forget composting supplies – backyard composters and composting thermometers are in stock too.

Labeling your plants can be fun and attractive – the copper labels are a favorite.  Wood, plastic and zinc labeling stakes are also available.

Organic pest control and beneficial bug attracters round out the new garden section.

So, now that it looks like spring has sprung, come on by and stock up.  You’ll be so pleased this summer as you treat yourself, family and friends to healthy, yummy food.

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