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Non-Toxic Paint by AFM Safecoat

Non-toxic Paint by AFM Safecoat

non-toxic paint

Non-toxic paint by AFM Safecoat is just that, non-toxic.  While most of us are familiar with zero or low VOC paints, AMF Safecoat goes a step beyond.  In addition to being a zero VOC (volatile organic compounds), Safecoat paints are non-toxic.

The EPA regulates VOC’s that cause outdoor air pollution or smog.  Since ammonia and acetone do not cause outdoor pollution, they are allowed in zero VOC paints.  However, we know that both these substances can cause problems for some people.  So, while a large manufacturers paint may (and probably will) contain these ingredients, they are labeled zero VOC.  It’s all a good step in the right direction, but it somehow seems deceiving.

To assure you are getting a premium paint and is also non-toxic – count on AFM Safecoat Paint!

Tints, the colorants added to tint your paint, can add substantial VOC’s to your base paint.   Paint that begins as a zero VOC product will no longer be that zero VOC paint unless using a no VOC colorants as well.   Be sure to ask your salesperson.  Of course, here at Southwest Green Home Center we offer the cleanest tints to match our non-toxic paints!

Let us color your next space!


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