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Marmoleum Click Panels – Recent Installation

Marmoleum Click Panels

Jon recently purchased and installed Forbo Industries Marmoleum Click Panels.  He chose my favorite color – Bleekerstreet.  It’s bold and beautiful.  In addition, it will last the life of his home when maintained correctly.  Maintenance is easy, just keep it swept and clean as needed with marmoleum cleaner, water or another neutral PH cleaner.  You can apply the marmoleum finish when the flooring starts looking a little dull, which is every 2 years or so, depending on your foot traffic.

Unwrapped and acclimating to the environment it will be installed.

marmoleum installation

The installation is pretty quick and easy.  The panels are 1′ x 3′, so the pieces are large and fill the space quickly.  1′ x 1′ squares are also available for accents or to create patterns.  No glues or nails required, simply click and float.  The panels have a thin cork underlayment built in and you can add more underlayment if necessary or desirable.

bleekerstreet marmoleum

marmoleum panels

Finished and gorgeous!  Marmoleum panels and squares are available in 28 great colors.  See more information and colors here or stop in the store to see all the colors in actual panels and squares.

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