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Smarter Products for Better Living


Southwest Green Home Center is here to help you and your family make good decisions regarding home improvement and everyday living items for your home.  The goal is to reduce the potentially toxic products you use for and in your home.  This can result in better indoor air quality which in turn affects you and your family’s health.

  • Paints and clay plasters that contain zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). 

  • Concrete & wood stains and clear finishes that are water based with no or low odor.

  • A wide selection of flooring containing no formaldehyde, last the life of your home and are affordable.  Many are rapidly renewable too – like cork, bamboo and natural linoleum.

  • Mattresses and bedding that are free of toxic fire retardants and petro-chemical foams.  

  • Adhesives and sealants that work great without toxic solvents.

  • Cleaners that do the job but won’t subject you to toxic fumes.

  • Water saving and energy saving items – save money on your utility bills too!

Please stop in or call to learn more about these products and many more that are help you create a healthy home.



  • Organic Mattress Savvy Rest
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Southwest Green Home Center
helps you create a healthy home!


Now open weekends by appointment only!

Please don’t hesitate to call and/or schedule to come into the store/showroom on the weekends!