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About Us

Hi, I’m Cathy Kumar, owner and operator of Southwest Green Home Center.  Thanks for checking out the website and I hope you have a chance to visit the store.

I have held a passion for products that reduce our chemical exposure and reduce our waste stream for many years – originally opening for business in Breckenridge, Colorado in 1996 (Eco-Products/Ecoasis).  I returned to ABQ, my hometown, in 2008 with the intention of opening of Southwest Green Building Center and to be close to my aging parents.

To help you help yourself make good choices about what you want to bring into your home.

I hold a strong belief that the chemicals we have introduced into our manufacturing of home goods are contributing to several of our most languishing diseases today.  I am refering to all types of dementia; autism; attention & learning disorders; and the huge array of allergies.

It was the 1950’s era when wall-to-wall carpet and vinyl replaced wood and stone floors and a slew of petro-chemical based products were applauded as advancements in manufacturing.  Today we know these ‘advancements’ can and do cause indoor air quality issues that affect our health.  I can help you eliminate some of these problem areas in your home today – come on in and ask how.

Have you ever found the smell of perfume, fabric softener or mildew offensive? If so you may be one of the approximately 15% of the population suffering from the condition known as “Multiple Chemical Sensitivities” (MCS).