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Ditch the Single Use Plastic Bag

Ditch the Single Use Plastic Bag

ChicoBags are the chic way to ditch the single use bag.  Not only will you help eliminate plastic from our landfills, you can do it with fashion and fun.

We offer several styles of ChicoBags here at Southwest Green Home Center to get you totally set up.

chicobags SnackTime by ChicoBag Let’s start by eliminating the small zip-lock baggie you might use to pack lunch or snacks.   Even if you wash and reuse them, their useful life is limited and their landfill life is sooooo long.  Bring on the SnackTime bags.  Big enough for a good size sandwich, but folds to hold smaller items like gorp.  Three bags to a pack for $16.50.

Product Stand by ChicoBagProduce Stand by ChicoBag

Next let’s tackle the plastic bags we fill with fruits and veggies at the grocer or, better yet, the grower’s market.  The “Produce Stand Collection” consist of 3 bags that are not only reusable, but help preserve your produce too.  One absorbs excess moisture and restricts airflow, one restricts airflow and locks in moisture and the third allows ethylene gas (nature’s ripening agent) to escape.  All three roll up to fit into a sweet little apple shaped carrying pouch.    The bags are a generous size at 17″ x 12.8″ each.  All for only $16.50!

Sling by ChicoBag chicobag bohemian vita

And finally, the ones that earned the slogan –  “Plastic Bags Blow”.  How many times have you had a gorgeous landscape view interrupted by a plastic grocery bag snagged in a bush or tree?  These bags hold everything from groceries to books to overnite gear.  When not in use, they stuff into the attached small bag.  Then the handy carabiner attaches to whatever!  Get the original ChicoBag for only $5 or get 5 for $20.  The fancier styles and patterns range in price from $6.50 – $12.50.

Fashion and function at it’s finest!

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