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DecoPoz and American Clay Walls

DecoPoz and American Clay Walls

See & Feel them right here!

While remodeling our new space, we took the opportunity to use our products for all the wall coverings.
decopoz wall2 2 decopoz wall

Just love the wall George coated with DecoPoz Concrete Micro-topping.  It’s the DecoPoz gray color cement mix finished with 2 coats of AcriSoy.  The cap is Dakota Burl, the agricultural waste of sunflower shells, with an oak trim that was reclaimed from the remodel.

photo (43) 3 Agave Loma Wall by Solamente Clay Walls

Most of the other large walls have been professionally plastered with American Clay Loma or Porcelina.  Solamente Clay Walls did a beautiful job with our damaged walls – they look and feel fantastic!  Please come check them out – we’re pretty sure you will agree.

We offer American Clay’s plasters and colors, as well as Solamente’s color packs for DIY’ers.  Or choose to have Kent and crew transform your walls with clay – we’ve got his number and he’s offering complimentary quotes.


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