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Cork Flooring in New Mexico

Cork Flooring

Yeehaa –  the perfect opportunity.  I already knew I wanted cork flooring after being in the green building business for several years.   Not only is it economical – it’s gorgeous, comfortable, easy to clean, non-toxic and environmentally sound.

I was so excited to be moving back to Albuquerque and into a townhome of my own.  An attractive part of the deal was the townhome was sold with a “flooring allowance”.  The carpet was fairly disgusting and the tile in the kitchen and entry were half missing and cracked.    The carpet was removed within days – choosing to live on the cleaner subfloor until the new flooring would be installed.


I measured, ordered and my contractor and I installed Natural Cork – the Eco-Cork line in ‘Roca’.   The planks are 1′ by 3′ and click together – essentially floating on the subfloor. Leaving a small gap at the walls, which are hidden under the base boards, the floor moves as one piece if it needs to contract or expand.  In addition, there are no micro-bevels or grout lines, making for a very smooth surface.  Between the smoothness, warmth and the slight give of cork – wow, it is soooo comfortable.  Bonus, it is super easy to keep clean too!

For the actual stair treads, stair landing and entry, I choose a bit harder material, bamboo.  The solid stair treads are one piece and easy to install.  The risers are cork and I love the look – they blend so well.

The photos above were taken just a couple weeks ago, but the flooring project was done over 4 years ago.  The materials continue to look great with no problems what-so-ever.  There has been spilled wine, coffee and even cat pee on the cork and all cleaned up easy and with no staining or penetration through the finish.   I love it and highly recommend cork flooring to friends and customers. There are a couple hundred color and style options available and the price range is $3.89 – $6.69/sq. ft.  Bamboo starts at $3.49 and is also available in several formats and colors.

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