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Cork Flooring – Fall in Love

Cork Flooring – Fall in Love

Cork flooring is just so easy to love for many reasons.

I personally installed cork in my entire home 6 years ago and would make the same decision today – even with all the gorgeous floors offered here at Southwest Green Home Center – I choose cork!

Here are some of the things I love about it:

  • It’s so warm!  Still have tile in the master bathroom and when stepping off the cork and onto the tile – brrrrrrrr.
  • It’s so easy to keep clean.  Just sweep or vacuum as needed and damp mop as needed – which is not very often because the patterns and colors tend mask the spots you might normally see on tile or carpet.
  • It’s not carpet – carpet is icky – starts it’s life off-gassing toxic chemicals and then starts collecting them.
  • It handles surface water (and other fluids) quite well.  Nothing has stained the surface or soaked into it.
  • When it does start loosing it’s shine, I can simply clean with a non-toxic floor cleaner (like a wood floor cleaner) for renewed shine.
  • Knowing it is naturally anti-microbial makes it feel even cleaner!
  • It’s so pretty and unique.

If you are searching for new flooring – for any room – fall in love with cork!


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