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Cork Flooring – Cork Canvas

Cork Flooring – Cork Canvas

Very excited to see Natural Cork’s newest line of cork flooring planks – Cork Canvas.  These large format tiles look like stone but offer the comfort and warmth of cork.   They are created with state of the art high definition optics.

Natural Cork - Travertine Romano

The tiles or planks are 17.5″ x 23.81″ and 10.5 mm thick.  They feature a ‘drop and lock’ installation, which requires no glue or nails, just click and float!  With a square edge, the floor is perfectly smooth – yep, no grout lines – which translates into easy to clean!


Natural Cork - Slate Autumn

Cork Canvas is available in 4 different colors or patterns.  There are 20 unique tiles in each color to create a natural random look.


Natural Cork - Travertine Chiampo

Natural Cork - Jura Dore


Cork flooring offers excellent thermal and acoustical properties.  It is very durable with a lifetime warranty for residential installations!  Visit Southwest Green Building Center to touch and see this terrific flooring option.  505-821-6259


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