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Concrete Countertops!

Concrete countertops are becoming quite popular.  They are both gorgeous and highly functional.   Smooth, easy to clean and unique.

Two challenges with concrete counters may be weight and cost.

Well, we have some exciting news and love this product!  DecoPoz, a concrete micro-topping can be applied directly on your existing laminate or tiled counter, as well as any underlayment or substrate.  Being a “micro-topping”, the weight issue is solved and with materials at about $4/sq. ft., the price is right.

DecoPoz is troweled on and stained when dry, or color may be added into the DecoPoz mixture itself.   The resulting looks are a bit different, but both beautiful and customizable.  To finish the job, a sealer and finish are applied – both very low in odor and very low in VOC’s.

The photos above show a before and after.  The color was integrated into the concrete mixture for this application.  Applied by Solamente Clay Walls.

When using your existing counter-top you save a trip to the landfill (love that part) and the clean-up is minimal.   DecoPoz application is definitely within the skill reach of your average DIYer or we can send Kent out to give you an installation bid – average pricing is under $20/sq. ft.

DecoPoz can be applied to floors and showers too!



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