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Choose Non-Toxic – Don’t Need Non-toxic

Believe me, you really do want to make a choice for non-toxic products whenever possible versus ending up needing to use non-toxic products.

I meet folks quite often in the store that absolutely must use non-toxic or chemical free products due to chemical sensitivities, extreme allergies, respiratory problems or other health issues.  Many have been over-exposed to formaldehyde, pesticides, molds or another toxic chemical in their homes or work places.  These folks agonize over most every consumer decision they make as they experience ill affects from so many items.

When you stop to think, we are exposed to so many pollutants and chemicals in our everyday life.  Many we cannot control, but luckily we can control everything we bring into our homes.   Many large items we need in our homes can be detrimental to our indoor air quality, like mattresses, furniture, flooring and cabinetry.  Other considerations are cleaning products and paints or stains.

So, please do a little research before spending hundreds or thousands on those home-improvements and living items.  Make sure they are safe for you , your family and your pets.  Of course, we’ve done the research and can answer most questions and help you with ‘smarter products for better living!’

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