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Have you ever found the smell of perfume, fabric softener or mildew offensive?  If so you may be one of the approximately 15% of the population suffering from the condition known as “Multiple Chemical Sensitivities” (MCS).

Symptoms of a “reaction” to chemicals and/or mold commonly include headaches, memory loss, insomnia, inability to concentrate, “wooziness”, sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, sinusitis, fuzzy vision, abrupt onset of exhaustion…among others.

People with these symptoms who are suffering from MCS can significantly reduce, if not altogether eliminate, these symptoms by “cleaning up” their home environment.  Eliminating offending chemicals in the home becomes THE TOP PRIORITY for individuals suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

The products we offer at Southwest Green Home Center were designed to be less toxic to individuals suffering from MCS, (also known as “Environmental Illness”, since exposure to toxic aspects of the environment provoke symptoms.)

People with MCS often react to different things.  While one person with MCS may react to a certain brand of soap or detergent, another may be perfectly fine with it.

The “less toxic” products offered here in the store were designed to be less likely to provoke an allergic response in those with MCS, whether they be cleaning products, mattresses & bedding, or home-improvement products like paints and flooring.

Some products, like the Austin Air Purifiers, were designed to remove chemical vapors, dust and mold spores from indoor air.  Other products like the AFM primers, paints and sealers are formulated with low or no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and are designed to seal formaldehyde and other toxic vapors from off-gassing into the air you breathe.

You can browse our line of products here.

We also have a small library of resource materials you will find helpful as you work to clean up your home environment.

Please stop in and visit, together we can work to purify your indoor space and in the process restore your health.