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B the Change with Your Purchasing Power

People Using Business as a Force for GoodB the Change

“B Corporations” stand for “Benefit Corporations” as they benefit us all.  These for-profit corporations meet a rigorous set of standards that validate they operate for the good of their people and the environment while still making a profit.  By certifying as a B Corporation they are transparent and accountable in letting their investors and customers know they will operate by a set of standards that benefits all, not just the bottom line of making a profit.

You, as an everyday consumer can “B the Change” by seeking out and patronizing these companies. Your purchasing power will make the world a better place in many ways.  Visit bcorporation.net to learn more about B Corporations and to help find those companies for your future purchases.

Southwest Green Home Center is proud to help you get started.  Three of the vendors represented in the store are certified B Corps.

Savvy Rest – organic mattresses and bedding

Dapwood Furniture – solid hardwood bed frames and tables

ChicoBag – supplying all kinds of fabric bags to replace single use plastics

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