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The $1 ‘Deal’

The $1 ‘Deal’

The $1 ‘deal’ may not be a deal at all.  Now I know why there is a ‘dollar store’ every few blocks – they are always busy.  When I moved Southwest Green Home Center to the Far North Shopping Center I found myself with a view of Dollar Tree.  It’s the holiday season and bags and bags of stuff are flowing out the door.  But where will most of that stuff be next week or next month?  Yea, I think we both know.

But the $1 ‘deal’ can opener appears to be a great (heck they were $8 and up at the local kitchen store).  You stop to wonder how it can be so cheap.  I mean think of the material extraction, the manufacturing, the transportation and the store’s likely 100% profit.  Hmmm.

I’m betting it was at the expense of our planet’s environment and people.  Made in a country without environmental regulations preventing the pollution of air and waterways.  Made in a country without laws concerning child labor, fair wages and working conditions.  Then shipped across the world by freight liner and semis – imagine the fossil fuels burned.  Then the majority of the profits are likely distributed to the top corporates big wigs while your cashier is not making a living wage.  Ugh! 

The can opener is taken from the packaging and you recycle it.  Later that month as you open your dog’s food the darn thing is tweeked and you are frustrated trying to get the opener to do it’s job.  Needless to say, the can opener is now in the landfill and you are shopping for a new one.

How does that $1 ‘deal’ look this time?  The old adage is true – you get what you pay for!


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